• At we create accurate 3D roof models from intelligent aerial images and generate a detailed PDF report. We generally serve Roofers and Insurance Professionals.


    We have extensive training and experience in the interpretation of aerial imagery and the creation of ACCURATE 3D roof models, our process includes; fetching aerial images > creation of the roof model > generation of PDF report.


    Our system also support the exportation of roof models in various industry standard file format such as .WRL, .XML, .DWG/DXF (AutoCAD) and .RXF (Roof exchange format).



  • RoofModel™


  • Services

    Our services include the creation of Roof Models from Aerial Imagery or Architectural Plans. We generate a comprehensive 6 page PDF report, our report contains Length diagram, Area diagram, Pitch diagram and Notes diagram.

    Our models are accurate and are base on reliable 3rd party measurements.

  • About Us

    We are a team of technologically savvy individuals with Extensive training and Experience in the aerial measurement industry.

    We are Committed and Dictated to offer our roof modeling solution to your business using our Proprietary CAD software and Intelligent Aerial images.

  • Our Models & Reports

    Our Models and Report from aerial images are fully calibrated, our state of the art technology has been tested and have proven by various current and prior Aerial measurement companies. Our independent check found our reports to be within 2-3% of actual measurement.

    Our internal quality control procedures ensures that all output is of superior quality.