We are Bundling! Xactimate Reports with Aerial Roof Measurements!

WriteLoss Inc. Xactimate Writers Partners with Roof Modeling Solutions

Xactimate Roof Estimates & Accurate 3D Roof Reports included for $55.00 for most roofs.

Miami, FL, October 13, 2015 – Xactimate Reports & Aerial 3D Roof Reports are key to providing quick and reliable roof estimates and Xactimate Reports. Often Roofers have to buy Eaglevision and other 3D reports before estimating the job. This can mean two costs instead of one.

With the partnership of Writeloss.com Xactimate Writers and Roof Modeling Solutions / RoofModel.com – the report and the Xactimate estimate can be ordered for one cost: $55.00 for roofs under 30 squares and $75.00 for roofs over 30 squares, all delivered in 24 hours or less by the 24/7 teams at WriteLoss.com and RoofModel.com.

3D Roof Reports Only can be ordered online at RoofModel.com for $19.70 - 30.70 depending on the size of the roof. Xactimate Roof Estimates with Aerial 3D Reports can be placed by e-mailing [email protected]

Normally our Client's spend $42 - $85 reports from RoofInSight by Xactware Inc. or Eaglevision Technologies. With our partnership with RoofModel.com, we offer Roofers and Adjusters the ability to quickly turn around a quality Xactimate Report with 3rd party measurments for 30% - 70% less than typical costs for both services. We like to provide value to our clients, and this is certainly stepping up!;” said David Herring, of WriteLoss Inc.

We are pleased with the technology RoofModel.com brings to our offering. Xactimate Report's backed up by the right technology, all in 24 hours or less. That is powerful;” said Keith Megeff of WriteLoss Inc.

Our team is honored to be working with a provider like WritetLoss.com. We have had a seamless ramp up to handle the claims from WriteLoss.com. Our partnership is going to make a difference to the bottom line for clients all over North America;” said Damar Hutchinson of Roof Modeling Solutions.

Advantages of Aerial CAD in the Roofing industry

In the roofing industry, Aerial Measurement is the use of aerial photography to estimate materials for a roof job.  Modern aerial measurement is accomplished using existing photography taken from low flying aircraft or drones, as opposed to satellite photography, which is more distant and less accurate.

we have state of the art technology to take these imagery and use specialized software to calculate the roof pitch, measurements and produce roof diagrams - obtaining measurements to within 2-3% of actual.


There are many considerable advantages to Aerial Measurement.

  • Save time and gas by not having to send an estimator to the job to measure - beneficial for remote jobs where travel is a factor, and for busy salespeople who can then make more calls.
  • Save time, effort, and money by not having to physically measure the roof yourself - a big plus, especially on complex roofs with multiple intersecting roof planes.
  • Gain a professional sales tool to help close more jobs - the pdf report of the job you're quoting can serve as an excellent sales tool.  Consider the impression left with a homeowner, if you show up to quote their roof with aerial photography of their home and exact measurements - before you've even met them or seen their house!  The professional report and inherent technology lend a level of sophistication to your presentation that will surely set you apart from your competition and leave a lasting, favorable impression.
  • Limit liability - you or your employees do not have to scale the roof to obtain measurements.
  • Avoid weather issues - in the Winter, inclement weather may prohibit measuring a roof; this issue is eliminated with aerial measurement, which uses existing photography.

More About Aerial Roof Measurements

Aerial Imagery and CAD technology has evolved over the past 5 years and we are delighted to share with you some advancements in the Technologies as well as Resources.

These 2 major advancements have made Roof Models more accessible, affordable and accurate.

1) The access to high quality Aerial Imagery has become prevalent.

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2) CAD technology has become so advanced over the pass few years.

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Learn more about Aerial Roof Measurement steps and processes in order to create accurate diagrams.